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autorizacao de viagem internacional

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MINIST RIO DAS RELA ES EXTERIORES AUTORIZA O DE VIAGEM PARA O EXTERIOR DE MENOR Authorization for persons under 18 years old to travel FOTO (OPCIONAL) Resolu o CNJ n 131, de 26/05/2011, publicada
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing autorizacao de viagem internacional
so I was wondering if I had one project and created three Tippin visualizations based on the same scene how would that look like and what we could learn from this process well that's we're gonna work in this week's video what's up guys so graphics in here my name is Oliver and welcome back to another video as always before we get started don't forget subscribe if you haven't already this video is sponsored by Squarespace now if you want to create a personal portfolio or a professional-looking website for your architecture office make it with the Squarespace more on that later in the video so ever since I started this YouTube channel I wanted to create some sort of challenge or tag that we as architects architects students or basically anyone in the visualization world could relate to basically it's this thing that based on the same start each one of you would try out an experiment to create final results with different render illustration styles I decided to go realistic collage and then sketching or drawing I feel that this is a great exercise to explore our creativity regarding how we present our projects of course you can give it your own twist and go for what you're better these are the styles I commonly use for the videos and I wanted to do my best of course now as you can see on the screen this is roughly how much time it took to complete each image of course I could not make in a normal speed video because of the total length so here's how this video is gonna work I'm going to show you is sped up process on each of them and talk about important things that went through my mind on each of them so you guys can take a great value out of this video but if you somehow want the full length of the video in normal speed I'm going to leave a gambrel page to you in the video description there you will be able to watch it all and really observe the workflow and then in exchange it will be supporting the channel cool now without further ado let's jump right into it all right so the realistic result I've applied all the techniques that I teach over the architecture post reduction course but basically here are the steps so first things first I've positioned the camera corrected the field of view and then started to apply the materials I try to use as much as I can from the v-ray ready-to-use library especially glass meadow and those more generic materials but sometimes there isn't any that suits my needs which was the case of this flooring oh and just so you guys know this project is from the architect Alberto compromise' and it's called Casa guy here the model was provided by the website exemplary architecture as always link in the video description so all in all this was a pretty straightforward render to do here are some key points you make it look great one is to get the perfect scene I mean verticals and horizontals aligned and second to choose a good-looking shadow design if you...